Grand Tours: Grand Canyon Tours, Las Vegas, Nevada
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What people are saying About Hoover Dam

Very informative tour, I forgot I was in Las Vegas! Jerry and the gang were very gracious tour guides. They made the trip comfortable and very enjoyable. I'll be back for the Grand Canyon tour next time!!!

- G. Chapman

What people are saying About Grand Canyon

I learned more about the Grand Canyon on this tour than I ever learned in school. Grand Tours is all about excellence on their tour! The guide was very nice, and answered all our questions.

The Grand Canyon is awesome, what a picture taking opportunity. They picked the best spots for us to snap shots!

Thanks for the great experience!

- T. Schwam

What people are saying About Booking Tours

While booking the tour with Grand Tours I found the service was way above and beyond what we've ever expereinced coming to Las Vegas. They got us show tickets, a tour to the Hoover Dam, and a 4 wheel drive tour for an unbeleivable price.

Thank you Grand Tours!

- E. Bonner


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